“This band is about snowstorms and parking lots, 37th street and Ike B, Mexican restaurants and grapefruit trees. I hope you can relate
— JD Winter, Maintenance

Based out of Lafayette, LA, Maintenance began in the spring of 2016. Quickly they developed a complex texture for each instrument, and found a solid lineup of players. That following winter, the band recorded their first (and self-titled) EP with Chris Stafford. Songs like “Silly String” and “These Raccoons” paint pictures about the importance of friendship, all while pointing out the impending loneliness of our daily routines. Maintenance then used the following year to gain experience playing out, and building a fan base.

In the winter of 2017, Maintenance began recording their second album, GRAPEFRUIT TREE with Kieran McIntosh producing. Using different studios across Acadiana, and different recording processes, the album utilizes textures and tube amps to express the feelings of each delicate song. GRAPEFRUIT TREE was self-released on November 8, 2018 onto all major streaming services.

Maintenance is excited to play, and currently booking shows.


..Definitely evokes a feeling which, I think, is one of the hardest things to do in music without being obviously referential. I just can’t really compare it to anything. It’s great.
— LeAnn Stephan, photographer

Jd’s voice provides a percussive tapestry of syllables shooting straight into the center of a synth soaked dream. Maintenance carefully puts every sound in its perfect place... Elegantly crafted pop songs for people who don’t like pop music.
— Chad Viator, Musician and Sound Engineer

GENRE: indie, indie rock and roll, alternative

MEMBERS: JD Winter - vocals and guitar, Nico Broussard - vocals and synth, Andrés Morales - bass, Zach Rhea - drums

BOOKING INQUIRIES: theonlyjdizzle@gmail.com